That’s how you know

‘Do you want Disney music on honey?’
‘I love you, Daddy.’
‘Ah, I love you too.’
‘No Daddy, I want love you song on.’



Hello children – and parents – everywhere!

OUR THREE-YEAR-OLD SON IS INFLUENCING MY MUSIC TASTES. It’s meant to be the other way round. But while I bombard Boy Wonder with the eclectic sounds of 6Music in the house, and he can clearly now recognise the odd Smiths tune, it’s his favourite car CDs that echo in my ears throughout the week.

The funny thing is, his favourite tunes are so old that they’re from my parents’ generation, or even older. We bought him a Hello Children Everywhere! collection a few years ago – or did we buy it for ourselves? – and we can’t go anywhere now without us having a loud sing-along to the often humorous tunes of a more innocent age.

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