This was the summer

THIS WAS the summer that our children became proper friends. Last summer, Little Buddha was uncertain on her feet and struggled to communicate, which meant her brother often did his own thing. This time round, he had a devoted sidekick and they’ve been pretty much inseparable.

Once school was out – and the other extra curricular activities paused for the summer – they became the Knight and the Princess, the Park Ranger and the Friendly Tiger, Luke Skywalker and Princess Thingybob. They could usually be found in some secret warren of the house or rampaging in the back garden, in their exclusive and highly descriptive own world.

Sure, they also squabbled more than usual, told tales on one another and competed for attention. But they also acted as a team, using pincer tactics to secure treats or unscheduled film showings. Please Daddy! Pweaaaaaaaase Daddy!

On days out and our recent holiday in Northumberland, they eked out every last ounce of pleasure and excitement from playgrounds, castles, nature walks, beaches and camp sites. Sometimes, whether at home or out and about, the Duchess and I could even relax with a coffee and a paper, as the two amigos looked after one another.

Such daily harmony might not survive the winter, especially once Boy Wonder goes to school full time. But I’ve got a feeling that the magical powers of the sun will mean we get to enjoy this summer loving for quite a few years yet.


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