My big day out with the Big Fella

My son eating out

They should call this place Wagadada!

HELLO, MY name is Boy Wonder. My Daddy had a day off work yesterday to look after me because my Mummy was on a course. My baby sister was at nursery so my Daddy took me for a Big Day Out.

I was a bit excited the night before and Daddy had to reassure me that we wouldn’t miss the bus. He said they come along all of the time or we could even walk into Chapel Allerton but I still made him run when we left yesterday morning.

When we got to Leeds, which is our city and as big as England I think, he was still a bit sweaty. Poor Daddy, he turned 41 recently, which is very old. That’s what Mummy says.

I’ve started calling Daddy the ‘Big Fella’, which he doesn’t seem to like for some reason. Ah well, he started it with the nicknames.

We went on the big wheel in Leeds. It was meant to go round twice but we went round four times. We kept stopping at the top to let other families on down below. It was very high. Daddy got very sweaty again. He also kept telling me he loved me and squeezing my hand.

After that, we went to a few shops to buy presents and a card from me and my sis for my Mummy’s birthday next week. I’m not allowed to tell you any more. It’s a big secret that we got her some [editor’s deletion].

‘Hungry’ and ‘angry’ are similar words

I got hungry. I might have mentioned it a few times as we walked to the new shopping centre. Daddy ignored me and bought me some shorts, a Tom & Jerry T-shirt and a Superman one with a cape. A bloody cape! (Sorry Daddy.)

I was getting very angry and then Daddy took me to the new Lego shop. Wow. I got a policeman, a fireman and a knight. I would have thanked Daddy but I was very, very hungry.

We went to Wagamama. I ordered the same as my Daddy. A chicken cat soup curry. Daddy told me not to pour the sauce all over in case I didn’t like it. I poured the sauce all over. I didn’t like it. (I like chopsticks though. They make brilliant swords.)

Finally, we went to the cinema to watch the Croods. It’s about a grumpy, big Daddy who won’t let his kids have fun. It was like watching a documentary.

We got home at 5pm, seven hours after we left. Daddy said he’s looking forward to going back to work to relax. I said I’d like to do another Big Day Out one day soon.

The Big Fella started sweating again.


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