Our daughter is two!

Betty at twoOUR LITTLE girl turned two yesterday. We marked the occasion with a weekend in Chester that involved a luxury hotel suite, pizza and a late night and a trip to what must be the country’s best zoo. Before we set off, Little Buddha received all kinds of Hello Kitty goods. I hope she wasn’t disappointed because in the run-up to the big day she was very clear about what she wanted: CAKE! Hopefully  Colin the Chocolate Caterpillar sufficed, as well as a chocolate sundae for tea, breakfast muffins this morning and a chocolate carrot for the journey home.

Predictably, it feels like our daughter is a bit more advanced than our son at this age. She’s already christened a potty (about a year ahead of her brother), her vocabulary expands by the hour (but maybe that’s as much the result of having a big brother as her gender) and her tantrums are far more dramatic. She’s far more independent than he was then (and sometimes is now): for example, he has always welcomed cuddles and kisses but she dispenses them with the generosity of an insurance company loss adjuster

As ever, it’s hard to believe that a year ago she couldn’t walk or talk – and she and I had only recently bonded. As the accompanying photos show, her hair has grown rapidly over the year, although we’re still waiting for her to enjoy a proper growth spurt and lose the baby belly (of course, we could throw away the rest of Colin or at least help him on his way).

Betty at oneSo, what is our two-year-old daughter like?

  • Up until recently, I used to find her up at nursery with her trousers around her ankles and all of the other kids following her lead like some strange version of Lord of the Flies. While she now mostly keeps her clothes on in public, she likes nothing more than escaping our clutches after a bath and legging it round the house in the nud. Sometimes she celebrates her freedom by leaving a little puddle on the carpet.
  • Her best mate is Daisy Doo, a fluffy Easter duck I bought last year. Only Daisy ain’t so fluffy any more. In fact, she stinks but we’re not brave enough to wrestle her from our daughter’s grip for a spring clean. Especially when Little Buddha goes to sleep most nights with her nose inside Daisy’s beak.
  • She loves her brother. Adores him. She shows this by bundling him at every opportunity. My favourite moment of any evening after work is the sight of her leaping on top of him and waving her limbs furiously as she waits for him to to throw her off.
  • Sometimes she’s too adoring of her brother  The other week, he woke up to find her at the end of his bed reading a book. We found this out when we heard him scream: ‘Mummy, Daddy, get her out of here!’
  • Her favourite drink is bath water, the Pinot Grigio of the toddler set.
  • Her favourite food is whatever she can nick from the Kids’ food cupboard. She’s clever enough to seize one for her brother as well. She knows how to play us.
  • Perhaps she’s going to work in an abattoir when she’s older. She practically eggs me on to use frozen fish or vegetables so she can clasp her hands to the freezer door and enjoy the big chill. If I wasn’t looking, I bet she’d lick the frost right off the door!
  • She has a bit of a thang with white goods. Blink and she’ll be climbing in the washing machine. I’d let her continue if she ever had that stinky duck with her.
  • She’s adorable. She wears our hearts as key-rings on her little finger. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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