Growing up quickly: 3 quotes

Boy in bankTHEY SAY kids grow up fast nowadays. Our 4-year-old son, Boy Wonder, is certainly acting beyond his tender years. In the last 24 hours, he’s made some startling comments.

Firstly, he was acting the Big Man around the house. His sister dared to play with his Batcave, earning a What-you-talking-about-Willis pout (one for the older reader) and a solemn promise:

You touch that again, little girl, and I’ll slice you up!

Charming. Then he discussed his romantic potential with his Mum, the Duchess:

BW: Mummy, what happens if no one wants to be my wife, no one loves me?
D: Of course someone will want to be your wife. You’re a lovely, handsome man, with lots of friends. You’ll be fighting them off.
BW: Oh well, if no one wants me, I’ll be married to my job.

Where did he get that idea from? Finally, our little life planner was today thinking about our national obsession, brutally declaring:

Mummy, when you and Daddy die I’m going to live in your house.

Our little boy. All set to be a gun-slinging, property-owning workaholic.


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