Home made for kids is best

Part of the fun of this blog is having a few pots at the good wife, the Duchess. This is even more important now we rarely relax together or even see each other some days. Banter is an important release, especially given the physical, emotional and financial stresses of having young kids. It’s always been our way and it’s probably what now keeps us from miscuing with the extended screwdriver or forgetting to clear up the water spill or not reporting the squeaky car brakes.

Maybe it’s just us but we sometimes compete to tell one another what we’ve done, how hard we’ve worked, how difficult it is juggling it all. So, putting aside the barbs and digs for one day only, here are a few examples of the Duchess’ incredible attitude and skills as a mummy. I appreciate there’s a heavy domestic accent to these examples but the fact is that the Duchess is working part-time for now so she can bring up the kids. And she’s a militantly frugal and practical mummy. She’ll do whatever it takes to nurture well-rounded, healthy kids – while keeping our family finances on track. I can learn a lot from her, especially when I’m being lazy and pathetic.

The Duchess routinely cooks tasty weaning dishes for Little Buddha (as she did for Boy Wonder) full of healthy ingredients like salmon, chicken, lentils, pasta, broccoli, carrots, squash and other seasonal vegetables. She creates cost-effective batches for weeks to come. Our kids are good eaters, both healthy and lean.

Boy Wonder asked for a fire engine cake for his third birthday. The Duchess found one: a snip at £45. So she made her own. She was worried it’d be a disaster but it was a triumph: lovely cake with a Curly Wurly ladder and Jammy Dodger wheels! She’s going to make birthday cakes every year now and I’m very, very excited.

Boy Wonder attended a fancy dress birthday party at the weekend. Ignoring his fire chief, medic and pirate outfits, he politely asked if he could go as Robin Hood, his latest fix. The Duchess nodded and another stressful pre-birthday party beckoned, with trips to Hobbycraft and a few hours spent on YouTube. The result: a home-made hat, replete with feathers; a bow and arrows using Boy Wonder’s prodigious stick collection outside our front door; a quiver made from kitchen roll cardboard; and even padding for his boots. He looked amazing, very authentic and I was dead proud for the 10 minutes he kept it on at the party.

Proud of the Duchess, my very clever better half.



One thought on “Home made for kids is best

  1. Nige Mathers says:

    Hi Shaun
    Although we’ve never met I work with the Duchess !!
    Was only saying to her the other day how I loved reading your blogs and about the highs and lows of Parenting. (My Missus and I have a 20 month old boy).
    Look forward to the next one (I wouldn’t know where to start).
    Cheers, Nige


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