Married with children

Five years ago today, the Duchess and I were wed. This morning, I marked the anniversary with a lovely breakfast. I had a big bowl of cereal, hot, buttery toast and a glass of fresh orange. Sitting opposite me, smiling and occasionally cuddling up to me, the Boy Wonder had Shreddies and my orange juice whenever I wasn’t looking.

As for the Duchess, she was somewhere upstairs, probably feeding Little Buddha or dozing. We got books for each other – our anniversary staple – and Boy Wonder promptly opened all of the parcels and stole one of the greeting cards because he liked the cover image. Tonight, we’ll have a takeaway once the Kids are asleep.

This possibly explains why our marvellous wedding day now seems a very long time ago, even though it’s only five years. I’ve got lovely memories of the big day but the images in my head are increasingly like a Pathe news reel featuring young people in bygone era.

Having kids certainly accelerates the ageing process. I also wonder whether it’s because our roles have radically changed since the Kids’ arrival? For the two years between our wedding day and the birth of Boy Wonder, I was solely a husband but now I’m also a father and, if truth be told, the latter role dominates my daily life. There are few occasions when we’re an everyday couple, rather than Parents or Mummy or Daddy.

We haven’t been out on our own for at least a year, certainly since the Duchess found out she was pregnant with Little Buddha last April. Since the birth of our daughter, we’ve been cocooned in babyworld and although some kind friends have offered to babysit, we haven’t wanted to leave the little dear.

All of that will change tomorrow. We’re at the wedding of our good friends, Jenny and Johnny, and we’ve got a babysitter in for the evening shift. Hopefully, we’ll have a lovely time together but the freedom of a Big Night Out might get in the way. This morning, the Duchess told me she was going to take it easy so Sunday isn’t ruined – putting the Kids first as usual. After silence from me, she muttered ‘I take your no comment to mean you won’t be doing the same?’

I smiled, kissed her on the cheek and headed off to work wondering how I’m going to get away with it? Maybe I’m still a husband, after all.


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