Bedtime books for a 2-year-old boy

Every night, I get Boy Wonder ready for bed and, while he drinks his warm milk, read him one of the following stories. It goes without saying that it’s the favourite part of my day and any work-related stress is gone by the time we finish the story and I cuddle him to sleep. Most of these books are oversized and illustrated. They typically take 5-10 minutes to read, depending on whether you deploy funny voices and a few theatrics:

Me and My Dad!
I bought this one before Boy Wonder was even born but he’s only just realised that he’s Little Bear and I’m the wondrous Daddy Bear.

Little Dragon’s Big Surprise
A colourful pop-up about a young creature’s efforts to walk before he can fly and roar like the big boys.

Goodnight Harry
The only book in the current collection about going to sleep. Unsurprisingly, Boy Wonder finds it the least appealing but once I’ve forced it on him he seems to find it charming.

Splat The Cat
A gift from the marvellous bookstart people and our current favourite. Funny, edgy, beautifully designed. Every house should have a Splat.

Puff, the Magic Dragon
This version comes with a CD so, unfortunately for Boy Wonder, I’m happy to sing, or worse, practically rap, my own way through this classic story of a boyhood love that has to face adult reality.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Boy Wonder chose this one himself from the Harlow Carr book shop and, despite my ignorant, futile protests at the time, he was dead right. Brilliant, beautiful, scary and funny. Pretty much perfect.

The Pirate Cruncher
Might be a bit gruesome for some and not all of the rhymes work but Boy Wonder loves this tale of ‘Shiver me timbers’ and ‘Land ahoy’.

Christopher Nibble
A fairly new one for us, charting the efforts of the world’s smartest guinea pig to replenish dwindling stocks of dandelion.

The tearful tale of a piglet with no tail, who just wants to be loved. A heart-warming story about being different.

Monkey Puzzle
From the (probably filthy rich) ‘creators of the Gruffalo’, the story of a butterfly helping a little, lost monkey to find his mummy.

Have you read any of these books? What would you recommend?


One thought on “Bedtime books for a 2-year-old boy

  1. Too many to mention, but here’s three we loved when Millie was 2:

    Biscuit Bear (for bakers of all ages, and probably my favourite bedtime book even now):

    The Grumpalump (contains the immortal line “the armadillo used it for a pillow”, which always made M smile):

    Sleepy Me (lovely illustrations, and sends the parent reading it to sleep too…):


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