What #oneborneveryminute says about men

Nice Guardian article about the scariest programme on British TV: One Born Every Minute.

This series seems to have been on all year. It’s certainly spanned the birth of Little Buddha, so for the first five or six shows we were often watching it from behind a cushion but also willing the little blighter to get a move on so we could enjoy the euphoria unfolding before us.

Since her arrival, it helps to trigger memories from our addled brains but most importantly it seems to be persuading the Duchess that a third baby at our age is a daft idea.

As the article says, it’s proper reality TV (and, as far as I know, the only show that actively promotes its own Twitter hashtag during the programming). Having watched every episode, it’s clearly a tribute to the midwives and the amazing range of women who’ll make whatever sacrifices necessary to have a child.

Funny then, that the article quotes the – male – commissioning editor at Channel 4 saying how “each of the best episodes have been about the moment a man has to grow up”. I’m not sure the legions of female fans – follow the hashtag while the show is on to see them at their best and worst – would necessarily agree and what does that say about modern fathers?


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